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A long-term choice.

Likouala’s mission through the years has been putting together the interest of a manufacturing activity with the preservation of the environment and the improvement of native populations life conditions.
Along with a growing business and an increasing volume in production, Likouala Timber is working hard on finding a balance with the delicate ecosystem of the tropical forest. The following are some environment-oriented goals:

  1. Late 2010: ratification of the management plan.

  2. Late 2010: expansion of the vocational training school

  3. First quarter 2011: expansion of the hospital for underfed children

  4. April 2009: beginning of roadworks for the future manufacturing site in Missa.

  5. Early 2009: literacy classes and vocational education for Pygmy population

  6. Second quarter 2011: legal certification.

  7. First quarter 2012: beginning of the research on the use of Biofuel.