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Likouala Timber is the result of 30 years of experience gained by its members in different parts of the African continent. By itself, the company puts together the complete know-how of the forest industry.

Likouala Timber hold a concession for two areas located in the North-Eastern part of Congo Republic, that together add up to 525.000 hectares of forest floor. The company has a typically industrial nature that, along with a specific entrepreneurial philosophy, led to a deep transformation over a short period of time.
Likouala Timber hold as necessary to develop an African industry, crucial for a sustainable environment exploitation. For economic, social and strategic reasons, this policy is the company’s first objective.


Logs By choice, Likouala Timber export only first quality lumber ...

AD/KD planks

AD/KD planks As a policy we transform in location more than 95% of the output, thus avoiding ...

Finished and semi-finished products

Finished and semi-finished products Strong of years of experience, Likoula Timber offer a wide ...