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Pygmy populations

Particular attention is given to Pygmy populations, the real forest “owners” but extremely marginalized. Coming from a nomadic culture, they are often subject to Bantu populations, which almost hold them in slavery. Because of their diffidence and the sense of inferiority towards Bantu populations, approaching these people is not easy and they’d rather refuse help to follow their traditions. In a very free and respectful way, Likouala Timber aim for them to beneficiate from modern civilization through educational and medical programs. The company aspire to integrate these populations in the sustainable management of forest resources, trying to improve their health and their ability to express themselves in the national language.
As a matter of fact, Pygmy populations are presently not represented in the decisions their Country takes about the very lands they live on and they still suffer from illnesses like leprosy and frambesia, a highly contagious tropical disease that chiefly affects children. Their challenge for the Third Millennium is hence the opportunity to fully enjoy human and civil rights.