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Sustainable management plan

With plan d'amenagement of an area is meant the whole scientific and specific documentation that can be used to put into action an eco-sustainable forest exploitation. This means a tool that takes account of all those sensitive aspects involved in the industrial exploitation of a tropical forest.
Initially, to gain some basic knowledge of the area into exam, concession grounds undergo a satellite reconnaissance. Data are processed and relied on to outline a grid of “layons”, back straights that serve as first “roads” for the land crews that make an inventory of all plants wider than 10cm and of those products that can be of interest to sustain local populations.
Speaking figures, this operation covers 1% of the total area. More in-depth research and independent technical and social surveys are carried out before drawing up the sustainable management plan. This document holds every information on the forest ground and, on the basis of further comparisons and dialogues, rules the forest production of the company and their general economical and social activities for 30 years to come.