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Likouala Timber take charge of supplying Betou institutes with school equipment (desks and chairs) and one year ago opened their own “Centre d'Apprentissage” (Apprenticeship Centre). The company also takes part in the education of Pygmy children supporting the Wongo school literacy program (ORA method), by UNICEF and the local Catholic mission. The school is 25km from Betou, where a new school for native will open in school year 2008/2009.

Training school

The Training Centre aims to teach Betou youths a trade that is fit for the reality they live in and that enables them to swiftly enter the work market with a solid background. The Centre attempts to make up for the lack of technical training and qualified labour in Betou area, which are currently forcing the company to turn to foreign personnel.

The Centre includes various departments: mechanic, electricity, welding, hydraulic, agronomy, farming, couture, restaurant and hotel industry. All said departments offer notional classes as well as practical classes, which are carried out inside the company for positions inherent in the industrial activity. A restaurant opened in June 2008.